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Biffs Rejuvenation Detail is to designed to bring back to life your vehicles paint work. Whether you want to give back a little love, prepare your car for a quick sale or just to have the shiniest car on the street.

This detail has been designed for the day to day drivers where paint work has dulled or been damaged by elements or poor washing routines using acid based products. By removing light wear and tear scratches, Rejuvenation Detail is perfect for getting ready for selling your car.

  • Wheels cleaned using PH neutral cleaners and soaps
  • Vehicle fully degreased including engine bay and door shuts wheel arches
  • Decontaminate products used to remove fallout and tar deposits
  • Snow foam applied to vehicle bodywork and wheels
  • Vehicle fully washed using multi bucket method using lamb’s wool wash mitt
  • Final rinse with purified water
  • Car dryer (warm filtered air) to dry any remaining standing water
  • Clay bar bodywork to remove any harmful defects deposits and contamination (only if vehicle requires it as clay is an abrasive product)
  • Paint depth readings taken to know tolerances of the paint work
  • Single stage machine polish, to remove very light scratches and enhance vehicles colour
  • Protection spray sealant applied to paint work lasting approximately 6-8 months
  • All glass sealed, to repel rain and surface spray
  • Polish exterior metals e.g. exhaust and grills and trims
  • Interior dash, plastic trims treated and dressed
  • Exterior plastic and rubbers, cleaned, treated and protected
  • Interior seats and carpets vacuumed
  • Sealant applied to alloys wheels

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