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Our Client brought his new 911 to us for our New Car Detail. He had request that the dealership not to wash or valet the car as to minimise potential damage. See our New Car Detail package for more information on what happens at dealerships.

Once we had the car we set about thoroughly cleaning the exterior using a snow foam/ citrus cleaner mixture to remove baked on dirt. It took two applications of this to remove the majority of debris.

After washing and drying the 911 was pulled inside for further cleaning using our 8 bar steam cleaner, this is perfect for the move intricate areas where spraying water could cause damage.

Once fully cleaned and dried, the inspection process begins this is done to decide the best course of action we need to achieve the flawless finish required. There was contaminants and fallouts present on most panels, so these were addressed using ultra fine and fine clay bars.

Minor scratches and etchings caused by bird lime required a single stage machine polish to enhance the finish and completely remove scratches.


After a full wipe down a nanolex paint sealant was applied at customers request, including wheels, callipers and glass.

The alloys where taken off the car and powder coated  for a more durable finish. Rebalanced, re installed  and sealed for as much protection as possible for this Supercars new life. Finally interior is cleaned and protected using A-Glaze protection. A-Glaze paint protection can be used on exteriors as well. This would include a 5 year warranty. 

See Biffs Detailing Instagram Highlight to see invisible clear film stone chip protection from Xpel, applied to the intake scoops of this Epic Car.