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One of our clients brought his stunning Ferrari FF to us to have a 2-stage detail and sealant applied.

Although the car was in relatively good condition it could be improved, a thorough wash was conducted followed by clay bar,2 stages of machine polishing removed the majority of marks and hugely enhanced the gloss, followed by a protective sealant to all paintwork, glass and wheels, after 10 hours the FF is looking its best once again.

The Ferrari FF has Carbon ceramic brakes as standard, which to think only a few years ago Ferrari would have charged £20000 for these as an option.

Care is needed when cleaning a car with these types of braking systems as the discs are very easily damaged by wheel cleaners, degreasers, even touching the carbon discs with bare hands can cause damage.

We cleaned the wheels with a steam machine and with specific brushes and wheel woollies only used on carbon braked cars so as not to introduce any potential cross contamination and damage.