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Frount cover of performance VW magazines

Performance VW Feature

One thing off the bucket list!!!

Frount cover of performance VW magazines
Life Long Dream

A Bug’s life

I am super proud to achieve a life long ambition to be featured in Performance VW magazine. From early teens I have read every edition of this best selling  VW tuning magazine. When I started working on the beetle I never would have imagined she would get a feature mainly because Performance VW feature water-cooled cars, so was ecstatic to find they where putting together a retro special issue to include our air cooled Beetle .



The article tells the story from sensible road car from Ireland to drag racer to show car. They even agreed to put Ted the schnauzer ( the original hipster) in the feature which is really cool.

The article shows the level professional detailers go to chase perfection. In a world today where everyone is a detailer, valeters are now ditching the term valeter and calling themselves detailers because it sounds better. Its becoming  increasing unclear what professional detailing is.  Is it just someone with a OCD obsession or is it a skilled paint defect correction process? The Bug as had over 50 Hours of Biff’s Best In Show Detail to showcase her  as a promotional car. This level is not needed on every car, however  everyone can benefit from enhancing and protecting their asset by a professional who understands car paint’s limitations.

So if you fancy a read of the a bug’s life and the beetle’s full spec you can subscribe to Performance VW magazine .

Special thanks to Lukas Markowski photography, Sam Preston the author, Craig and Leanne for building her. Ben Haywood media for filming and awesome promo video

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