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Your first reaction may be ..Why would I need this? It’s a new car!

What you may not realise is how long your new car has been sat in storage outside, exposed to airborne contamination, bird lime, tree sap, fallout. Many cars are transported to dealerships by sea, train and road all of which further expose your new vehicle to potential damage and contaminants.

The “New Car Detail” is there to protect your investment from the beginning.

Biffs Detailings aim is to get your vehicle to look its best and have an easier, lighter washing routine thereafter. Most importantly we want you to have pride in your new car knowing it has had the highest quality products used, it’s free from contamination and defects, the paint work has been machine polished to draw out the most vibrant colour possible, and it is now more protected and cared about than it was when it left the fore-court.

New cars can have light scratches, transportation marks and even paintwork swirls but these can be removed during our new car detail service.

Although it will be valeted before you see it, very rarely will a dealership have spent the time, care and resources needed to make sure your new purchase is as good as possible for you. Their agenda is to make it look shiny for your handover, when realistically, it’s been given a quick flick usually less than 30mins.

Most dealerships will use acid based products, these are used for a number of reasons but foremost they are cheap and very quick to strip the dirt off.  Well used sponges and cloths, which contain dirt and debris off a previous customers car is then applied to your nice new paintwork further adding to the damage.

If you are lucky you may have a polish product applied, designed to fill minor scratches so the paintwork looks good until you wash it and all the scratches re-appear.

Although this sounds cynical and exaggerated this is an all too common sight and not restricted to your average family hatchback. Some of the most exotic brands have the same preparation procedures.

We’ve seen standards dropping as dealerships strive to be more competitive and increase profit margins and often work on the principle that 99% of customers won’t notice the swirl marks etc, or even it’s only a lease/contract car so it doesn’t matter. This can be remedied by our new car detail service.

  • Wheels cleaned using PH neutral cleaners and soaps, wheel woollies and brushes to reach all areas
  • Vehicle rinsed then fully degreased including engine bay and door shuts and wheel arches
  • Decontaminate products used to remove fallout and tar deposits
  • Snow foam applied to vehicle bodywork and wheels then rinsed
  • Vehicle fully washed using multi bucket method using lamb’s wool wash mitt
  • Final rinse with purified water
  • Car dryer (warm filtered air) to dry any remaining standing water
  • Clay bar bodywork to remove any harmful defects deposits and contamination not already removed (this is only done if vehicle requires it as clay is an abrasive product)
  • Paint depth readings taken to know tolerances of the paint work
  • Single stage machine polish, to remove scratches and enhance vehicles colour and gloss
  • Carnauba natural wax or paint sealant applied whatever your preference
  • All glass cleaned and sealed, to repel rain surface spray
  • Polish exterior metals e.g. exhaust and grills
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed and protected
  • Interior seats fabric/leather protection added
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Interior dash and plastic treated and dressed
  • Sealant applied to alloys wheels
  • Tyres dressed

 5-6 hour from £250

Bolt on Xpel Paint Protection Film

Bolt on purchase carnauba wax 200ml from £24.95

Wheels removed and fully cleaned/sealed £50

Painted brake calipers sealed £40