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In the detailing world motorbike details are often overlooked but here at Biffs Detailing we’ve been motorbike detailing for over 12 years.

Whether it’s a sunny day toy or a daily commuter we have packages to suit. Motorbike detailing provides unique challenges when it comes to detailing. Intricate areas, exposed electrical and mechanical parts need much more delicate care when cleaning. Biffs Detailing find the best approach is to remove fairings (if present), screens, seat and tail units to be able to fully detail and access all areas. Biff uses an 8bar steam machine with precision nozzles to clean rather than soaking everything with a pressure washer.

Brief overview of steps carried out:

  • Motorbike bodywork removed to access all areas to be cleaned
  • Motorbike fully degreased and decontaminated using ph neutral products and selection of brushes and tools aided by steam machine to thoroughly clean all areas of the motorbike
  • Full exhaust system cleaned using specific cleaning product to remove baked on debris and discolouration
  • All bodywork fairings etc cleaned both sides using same method as rest of motorbike
  • Motorbike fully dried using drying machine
  • All painted surfaces decontaminated using clay bar
  • 1-3 stage paint correction carried out on all painted surfaces including any carbon fibre parts
  • Headlights, taillights and screen machine polished to bring back clarity
  • Plastic surfaces restored and protected
  • Wheels sealed and tyre edge dressed
  • All painted surfaces sealed including backs of panels
  • Engine sealed using high temperature sealant
  • Exhaust polished and sealed using high temperature sealant
  • Any chrome or polished parts repolished and protected
  • Motorbike reassembled all clips fasteners cleaned polished then refitted
  • Final inspection

1-3 days from £250

Bolt on Xpel film

As a detailer you see the damage that stones chips, bird lime etching and other road debris does to your vehicles every time you drive.

Xpel removes the need for constant touch up, providing complete protection for your vehicles body work. Find out more here