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Leeds Car Meets…

Car of the day…… Chevrolet 3100 pickup in house of kolor root beer candy brown, because the quality of the paint finish and restoration is amazing.

This is my favourite classic car meet because it FREE. Cars assemble in Burger king/ B&Q car park, off Beeston ring road every 2nd Saturday of the month. What beautiful about this event is its attracts family’s, older couples, young people, and dogs all for the love of cars and bike. Its amazing to see what people have got hidden away in their garages. This informal event regularly attracts over 200 classic cars, but with a wide variety of other types get shown off as well. What you will find from 5pm – 7pm is Ordinary friendly happy people happy to talk to each other about their cars.

I brought along my friend from Spain, who was giddy as a kid, looking at every car in detail at this amazing event, he said this would never happen in Spain.
These always a Go pro vid going around, so there’s plenty of YouTube video online.

The beauty of this event is no one knows who started it it’s just always been there, no company or council actively promotes this amazing event, it’s the last of word of mouth, local knowledge, and community loyalty. Brilliant!!!!


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