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Leather is a natural material which can be re-dyed, repaired and cleaned numerous times.

It’s a craft to restore and repair genuine leather to its original condition if not better.

We eliminate scuffs, scratches, gouges, rips, burns, tears and colour fading, at a significant cost saving to yourself, versus replacement or taking a lowered trade in price.

Cars that have new looking interiors retain their value better, and are worth more.

Even the most meticulous owners will see ware and dye transfer from clothing like denim, on the interior of their car.

The most common areas of ware are the bolsters on the right side of the driver’s seat. (link to gallery picture)

This repair price is approximately £30 dependant on travelled distance.

Animals that travel can cause damage to our vehicles leather seats. Animal scratches, chews, and chew marks can be repaired, even when you think it’s gone too far and needs recovering.

Most scratches can easily be fixed at your home.

Repairs and re dyes can extended to anything that is leather, for example sofa’s chairs, headboards, handbags etc. (link to gallery picture)

Most burns seem to be made by either a match head or a dropped cigarette. Both of these can situation can be quickly repaired at your home for your convenience.

It is possible to completely re dye a complete car interior, sofa or any item that is genuine leather. The new colour finish will be as permanent and natural as the original. Even if the new colour gets wet, the colour will not transfer and remain rub proof.

It is also possible to re dye dark colour e.g. black to cream or white.


What colours can I re dye my leather interior?


It is possible to restore sun faded leather?

Yes, Direct sunlight is one of leathers worst enemies. UV rays will directly over time cause the leather to dry out and become brittle and crack.

How long will the new colour last?

For years…As long as you clean with leather cleaner, and is not in direct sunlight. Once completely cured, which takes 48 hours, the new coloured leather will be tougher than the original finish and will not be easily removed.

Can you repair vinyl or simulated leather?

No. Leather and vinyl make up is dramatically different. In a sense vinyl is pvc plastic, so the longevity of the repair is short and can cause more damage to the material.

How much and how long?

All repairs can be carried out in one day or less and at your home. Full interiors dyes are quotation only as is dependable on travel distance. We pride ourselves on being reasonably priced, most common repair is a seat bolster which is from £30.