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Detailing is designed to improve, enhance and protect your cars appearance.

To the untrained eye detailing can seem like another term for valeting and is often called posh valeting, however the differences between the two are vast.

A good valet can take a few hours however the time spent on detailing, thoroughly cleaning, decontaminating, removing imperfections and protecting your car can take from 1 day upto several weeks.

The most obvious difference is paint correction using machine polishers to remove scratches and swirls. Understanding how paint works, its application and its limitations helps tremendously.

Our aim is to remove the minimum amount of paint or clearcoat as possible to achieve the best results. To safeguard the integrity of the paint/clearcoat often it’s the ability to leave an imperfection or simply say no! As with all paint correction we are limited to the existing paint/clearcoat parameters as to the level of correction achievable. With this in mind, paint depth measurements are taken and calculations on a safe correction level will be done on a case by case basis.

Products and tools also play a part in the differences between valeting and detailing. Detailing products are generally higher quality and Ph Neutral, but more importantly its how they are used. Over many years Biff has tried/tested countless products to find the ones that really deliver the highest levels of cleaning and finish. Over 40 compound/polishes and numerous pads from many manufacturers allow for custom mixing to get the best/safest paint correction finish. Once corrected the paintwork needs protecting which can be done using sealants or waxes.

Often achieving the 99% overall enhancement of a vehicle is relatively simple and straight forward, it’s that elusive 1% that makes you work harder than the previous 99%.

Detailing is a craft or as some say art form which takes many years to master and every day you continue to learn and hone your skills. No two vehicles are the same and offer individual challenges. Often it’s the tiny seemingly insignificant areas or details that when all combined give that detailed finish, areas which most people won’t even notice need cleaning or improving but here at Biffs Detailing, we know it’s there and therefore must be cleaned.

Detailing is not just for show cars, super cars and classic cars. Anyone who cares for their cars appearance and wants to protect their investment can benefit from detailing.

What to expect from Biffs Detailing.

From the moment your vehicle is bought to us, you will benefit from Biffs personal care and attention. All vehicles are detailed on a solo basis so that you have our full attention at all times.

A vast array of products from different manufactures will be used to achieve the best results and give us the flexibility to adapt to each client’s or vehicle’s needs.

At Biffs Detailing, rather than offering a generic “Bronze, Silver, Gold” package, we tailor our detailing skills to meet your exact requirements. There are many detailing services and steps within each detail, to list them all individually would be exhaustive and most probably boring. Contact us for a full discussion.
Some clients have also chosen to have their vehicle detailed in stages as and when it suits their needs, budgets etc.

For the best results we recommend you bring your car to our new detailing studio, with state of the art lighting in a controlled environment.

A mobile service is also available. Full access to electricity and an outside tap must be provided. In the case of adverse weather we would need good shelter with enough access to work around the car, occasional warm drinks, are also gratefully received.

Biff is fully insured to carry out machine polishing and paint correction. We can advise on waxes or sealants, leather repairs and re-dyes, convertible roof re-dying and hood protection added, alloy wheels repair and powder coating or diamond cut refurbishment. In fact, there’s not much we can’t do. Contact for more information.

If you require any paintwork prior to a detail being carried out we can recommend our trusted friend Shane at Colourworx Ltd York

With all our detail packages, engine bays are cleaned with an 8bar steam cleaning machine designed to clean with precision nozzles. Biffs Detailing do not use pressure washers or pressure washer steam machines where huge amounts of water are used, our method allows use to control and avoid water ingress on vital electrical and mechanical components, we also use the equipment on interior cleaning as well.