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Badly corroded damaged wheels can completely ruin a car’s appearance.

Powder coating has outstanding durability, especially against tough road dirt and debris.

By having your alloy wheels powder coated you will get a stronger protection barrier from corrosion, heat, scratches, extreme weather conditions and wear and tear.

Powder coating your alloy wheels makes them more resistant to road salt and brake fluid. This Makes it a good investment as it will extend the life of your car or motorbike wheels.

As we only use quality high flow powders to produce a superior finish, we can achieve the fresh from the factory look on any car or motorbike wheels, that wont run, drip, sag or fade over time.

This can also be done following an alloy refurb making the wheels look even better than new.

Please read the disclaimer and Q&A section before deciding if powder coating is for you.


Diamond cutting is a specialist process that uses the most advanced refurbishment techniques to finely cut back the face of the alloy wheel.

This type of finish is getting more popular with many car manufactures who have been fitting diamond cut alloys to their cars for many years as a way of developing their high-end sports model range.

We carry out the same meticulous preparation as we do with every wheel. Once the wheel is powder coated we use a state of the art CNC lathe machine to remove a very small layer of metal off the wheel face, which gives a cd disk shine effect to the top of the wheels face. After which a clear lacquer layer is added for protection.

Our goal is to give your wheels the best finish possible.

Only certain styles of wheel can be diamond cut and the quality of the finish can depend on the condition of the wheels before we start the refurbishment.

We would be happy to give you more information about this and advise you further. Click here to ask us more about alloy refurb

Please read the disclaimer section before deciding if diamond cutting is right for you.




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What is powder coating?

Powder is initially applied as a dry coat of binders, resins, pigments, fillers and additives.

This is electrostatic sprayed on to the pre-prepped bare metal item.

The newly sprayed metal is placed into an industrial oven, where the powder fuses and then slowly cures into a robust coating.

Is powder coating environmentally friendly?

Yes. Since the powder coating process does not use solvent in any way, the VOC (volatile organic chemical) emission problems are eliminated. Powder coating is fast becoming the technology of choice, as traditional solvent-based system restrictions become stricter and more enforced.

Is powder coating more durable than solvent based paint?

Yes. Powder coating resists cracking, chipping, peeling. As well as being adverse to corrosion, extreme abrasion and every type of weather pollution, including road salt.

Does powder coating drip, run or sag?

No, because as the powder is applied to a metal rim using an electrostatic charge it coats uniformly every time.

Once heated in an industrial oven, the powder hardens and cures, to produce a long lasting bespoke finish.

What can be powder coated?

Typically any metal object that can hold the electrostatic charge. Aluminium, steel (full and split rims), in fact any car, bike or motorbike part, as long as it prepped to a high standard.

What finishes are available?

Matt, Satin, Gloss.

What is the approximate turnaround time for a set of four alloys, fully refurbished and powder coat?

We offer a timely service and endeavour to keep to a turnaround time of a maximum of 3 working days which includes collection and delivery.

However, as reputation and quality are important to us, we will not release any item that doesn’t meet our tight quality standards. We will notify you of any delays.

Can you powder coat a damaged or buckled wheel?

Yes, cracked and buckled wheels are nearly always repairable.

We inspect each item for damage at the initial pick up stage and throughout the stripping stages as until rims are striped to bare metal, cracks and buckles can be disguised.

Ethically, a repair must be undertaken for vehicle safety. This would include welding the cracks and using specialist equipment to re straighten and re balance each wheel.

The cost per weld is £35. We will contact you prior to work carried out

Can you do diamond cut refurbishment?

Yes. We carry out the same meticulous preparation as we do with every wheel, once the wheel is powder coated we use a state of the art CNC machine to re cut the wheel face, after which a clear lacquer layer is added for protection. Please call or message with wheel sizes for a quotation. Diamond cutting time scales are approximately 5 working days. Alloy refurb times vary.

How do I care for diamond cut alloys?

Diamond cut alloy wheels need specialist care, so we advise that they are cleaned at least once a week with wheel soap or cleaner. Do not use acid based products, only use a soft bristle wheel brush for the cleaning process.

We would recommend you apply a wheel wax to keep them in top condition.

When cleaning check for any small chips and apply lacquer or clear nail polish over chips to stop further damage.

Over time water can seep in and damage your wheels causing milky patches under the lacquer, unless protected with a wax or sealant.