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AGlaze Protection – The Surface Protection Specialists.

  • No top ups required
  • 5 years warranty guarantee
  • No more polishing
  • Wash with ease
  • Continuous showroom shine

AGlaze protection helps your vehicle avoid harmful UV rays and reduces friction, which aids cleaning and improves the flow of air and fuel efficiencies.

We are the approved advisor for the whole of the north of England. This involves application of product, aftercare services and warranty work.

We have been associated with AGlaze for 14 years, where we have carried out product testing and evaluation with chemist Matt to maintain the highest quality of protection, drag reduction and fuel economy possible.

By perfecting this formula, AGlaze has been certified for use by Boeing, Airbus, Sunseeker Marine.

Reputation and honesty is vital to our business; therefore, we will not apply an  AGlaze sealant to any vehicle if the paintwork is not up to a satisfactory standard. We also advise against washing routines that involves acid based products as this will strip the sealant and will reduce life span of product.


AGlaze bonds to body work to create an ultra-thin sub-micro barrier. This barrier is highly durable, yet remains flexible allowing it to cope with extreme weather conditions. It is  highly water and soil repellent even on a smooth surface and protects the vehicle from UV rays. Friction is reduced which aids cleaning and improves the flow of air and fuel efficiencies.

We stand by and are always impressed by the high quality of AGlaze properties.

As we care about your vehicle we offer a free AGlaze protection after care pack. This includes:

  • Aftercare instructions
  • Micro fibre clothes
  • Shampoo
  • Easy finish drying aid
  • Drying cloth
  • Wash mit

These aftercare products are available to purchase from website. However the AGlaze sealant itself can only be purchased and applied by a fully accredited detailer, such as ourselves.

This allows you to have peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle investment is fully protected against colour fading, acid rain, UV rays, oxidisation, fall out, all weather conditions including salt erosion, bug and bird lime, and tree sap damage. All applications come with a 5-year warranty guarantee.

Please see FAQ for more information.


Will it damage my paint work?

Absolutely not. A Glaze bonds to the paint work to create an ultra-thin sub-micro barrier. This barrier is clear in colour and highly durable. The paint work will look polished and smooth.

Can I still polish my car?

Yes, if you want too. However there’s no need to as once applied the A Glaze is silky smooth and shiny.

Why should I use AGlaze over other brands?

Although there are many paint sealants and protection products on the market,  A Glaze is the only one that has proved be good enough to reduce airflow and drag. It offers outstanding protection and quality whilst maintaining a showroom finish, this is why it is used on 100+million-pound aircraft.

After personally trying most products on the market, I chose to be affiliated with A Glaze, as the advantages such as ease of maintenance, warranty, and the after care services surpass other products.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £250 for complete A Glaze. This includes sealing the wheels and glass windows on a vehicle.

Most vehicles will require paint de-contamination and at least 1 stage paint correction detail prior to paint sealant application. Each vehicle will require inspection to determine specific needs prior to application.

Do I have to use A Glaze product to wash my car to keep the 5-year warranty valid?

No, however we advise that you only use products that are ph neutral (see labels).  If you use general cleaners or even washing up liquid these may have acidic striping components which drastically reduces the effectiveness and life span of the sealant.

Can I remove it?

Yes, but there’s no reasonable reason to as A Glaze only brings protection benefits to your vehicles paintwork.

What if my car is in an accident?

Most insurance company’s cover the cost of re-application of A Glaze once notified.

In the event you are in an accident, please make them aware if you have had A Glaze applied to alloy wheels, windscreens as well as body work so they can cover the cost of re applying.

What if I have a warranty issues?

After the sealant is applied by an authorised dealer such as Biffs Detailing, you will receive a warranty certificate from A Glaze and be registered on the A Glaze database. In the unlikely event of a claim you can contact us or A Glaze directly.

Is AGlaze for new vehicles only?

No, AGlaze can be applied to any age vehicle.

We have applied AGlaze to classic car restorations, sport cars, long distance trucks, yachts and aeroplanes.

However all used vehicles would require an evaluation, to assess if the paint work has been compromised, faded, had poor repair work or has scratches or swirls. We can assess and advise the best course of preparation, depending on the condition of paintwork.

We will also manage your expectation as once AGlaze is sealed and bonded on your paint work, imperfections could be sealed in also, as with any good job the key is in the preparation hence why we are very meticulous in paintwork preparation removing all surface contaminants which could compromise a good bond between paintwork and sealant