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50/50 panel detailed

Our 2 stage detail service gives deeper correction with longer lasting protection options.

This is our most sought after correction. The goal is to machine polish away light swirls/scratches, oxidation, dull and hazy paintwork that has been damaged over the years. We also send you home with a aftercare pack, to help you prolong the life of your vehicle finish.

The first machine polishing stage is a medium-strong cut compound to eliminate surface defects. The second machine polishing stage is a much milder compound/polish, this refining process produces a mirror reflection finish.

  • Wheels cleaned using PH neutral cleaners and soaps, wheel woollies and brushes to reach all areas
  • Vehicle fully degreased including engine bay and door shuts wheel arches
  • Decontaminate products used to remove fallout and tar deposits
  • Snow foam applied to vehicle bodywork and wheels
  • Vehicle fully washed using multi bucket method using lamb’s wool wash mitt
  • Final rinse with purified water
  • Car dryer (warm filtered air) to dry any remaining standing water
  • Clay bar bodywork to remove any harmful defects deposits and contamination
  • Paint depth readings taken to know tolerances of the paint work
  • Masking of plastic and rubber trims to protect from machine polishing process
  • 1st stage of paint correction polishing to remove majority of defects
  • 2nd stage paint correction to refine and enhance the finish
  • Rewashed and dried
  • High quantity of Carnauba natural wax or paint sealant applied, whatever your preference
  • All glass cleaned, sealed to repel rain and surface spray
  • Polish and seal exterior metals e.g. exhaust and grills and trims
  • Interior vacuumed
  • Interior dash, plastic trims treated and dressed
  • Exterior plastic and rubbers, cleaned, treated and protected
  • Sealant applied to alloys wheels

2 days from £400

Includes aftercare pack

Bolt on purchase carnauba wax 200ml from £24.95

Wheels removed cleaned/sealed £50

Painted brake calipers sealed £40

Free aftercare pack